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[3D Sketching] Revit to the 3rd dimension! (as parametric modeler)

[3D Sketching] Revit to the 3rd dimension! (as parametric modeler)

Dear Autodesk, Revit should be treated like a real 3D modelling package as opposed to treating it like Autocad with it's 2D drafting paradigm. One of the features that is missing is 3D sketching.

Here's an example from Fusion 360, where you can also rotate the workplane/ axis on the fly (not shown in this gif):



For future improvements it may also require:

  1. For Constraints like Fusion 360/ Inventor: See this idea.
  2. For 3D workplanes (like Fusion 360/ Inventor) it could certainly be a hybrid between the current system with workplanes and reference planes visible in 3D. In order to leverage Revit's parametric capabilities, it users should be able to differentiate parameters for workplanes and sketch geometry. Currently, workplanes may move or constraints are broken by changing parameters for sketch geometry! 
  3. For 3D snapping, including inferencing & copy/ moving sketches in 3D, see this idea.



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