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3D Revision Cloud

3D Revision Cloud

It would be very helpful if revision cloud could be a 3 dimensional item.

For example if you edit certain element you would add revision cloud in one view, somehow associate the cloud with the item (or creating a "bubble" around the item) and the cloud would appear in all other views around this element where visible. 

I think it would be possible as this could behave similar way as callouts.

Or maybe an automatic revision cloud around any change or at least around a tag to highlight revision.


The 3d revision cloud would be helpful.


please, I need revision clouds to be 3D which mean , if it drawn in certain plan , it must shown in all plans linked to the same level & appear in any file it linked to so other can see it and update their work

also , if revision related to some thing like shaft in multi levels , one revision cloud should represent in all views in all levels that shaft modified in

this is very important for coordination issues

in printing time , it can be hidden by workset or by filter

It will be so useful to have 3d revision cloud for 3d views to show the changes also at the 3d view

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I'd suggest placing your revision clouds on the Sheet.  Since a 3D view doesn't have a workplane to work from for 2D items (detail lines, fill patterns, detail items, etc) this will probably not be implemented....


But.....hey, it is possible...they did give us a 3D View lock to allow for tags and dimensions...they just go wonky if you modify the view which would probably happen if detail items were allowed.


Some companies require all revision clouds to be on the sheets instead of views....this has been one item that I keep getting different opinions on each place I have worked for.

I should clarify my idea.

Like section sign which is updated and shown in every views, we should have a revision cloud which is updated on every views. 

for example, if I had a revision on a corner of a room it should be shown on elevation and plan and 3d view at the same time. it could be like a transparent 3d object.

I want to send a revision for the City I should cloud two elevation, two sections, one wall section, two plans and three 3d views and maybe other views which I forgot to list or update!


2d revision cloud idea is based on 2d cad software which the concept is not updated to the N dimension BIM software's concept!

2d revision idea is based on 2d cad software which the concept is not updated to the N dimension BIM software's concept! 

Not applicable! Yes, trying to figure out all the views where a revision happens is a pita.

So really your idea title should be "3D Revision Clouds"...which would actually make them model lines so they show in all views .  I like that idea.

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I think it would be useful to have 3D revision clouds, as you could save independent views for any observation you may have, to then place them on sheets. 





3d revision clouds. Not just created in Revit. Can be created in Navis, Tandem, or even Plan Grid and they appear in Revit. Streamlining from problem to change order (or lack thereof). In Revit the cloud appears on every sheet that the condition needing revision appears on. Ensures that the issue is considered at all angles and the thoughts are carried all the way through from the micro to the macro.

3d Cloud.PNG

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