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Unable to access cloud model within revit. Greyed out

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Unable to access cloud model within revit. Greyed out

Hi.  I have a revit 2020 and bim 360 subscription and we are a team of 3, with me working remotely.  I am trying to access the cloud shared model, I can see the files but they are greyed out and I am unable to access them.  I checked my team members' autodesk account and they are exactly the same as mine but its just me who is facing this issue.  It would be great if someone could help me solve this as I have already spent 2 days trying to make this work with no positive result. Thanks

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Thank you for the question @ramakrishnan.sekar, and welcome to the Autodesk forums!


It sounds like you are encountering the behavior described in the following article:

Workshared cloud model grayed out in BIM 360 section on Revit home


If the information in the article above does not lead to a solution, try saving a non-workshared model to the cloud project.


    The entitlement for uploading non-workshared models is different for workshared.

  • If the non-workshared model uploads and can be opened from the cloud this would re-inforce that the issue is with the Revit Cloud Worksharing entitlement.
  • If the non-workshared models can't be uploaded and/or re-opened, then this could indicate there is some other issue occurring (possibly a network blockage which is preventing entitlement from being determined).

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist
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Thanks @Lance.Coffey 


The issue was with the level of permission give to me by the admin and its all sorted now. Thank you for the reply.

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I am also facing the same issue and how to solve this issue? can you advice pls.?


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in reply to: Parthiban_A

I'm admin. How about a solution guide for 'Cloud Sharing Not Enabled"

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in reply to: arktide

@arktide What do you mean by “Cloud Sharing Not Enabled” and how is this different (symptomatically) from the previously mentioned articles/documents?

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist

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