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Revit server connection problem, one user on a station can access but another one cant.

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Revit server connection problem, one user on a station can access but another one cant.

On one workstation the user cant access the Revit server.  Once the revit is open, if i go to open project, the revit server icon appears, but when I click on it nothing happens.
If I log into a different user everything works fine (first time on that machine).

This is all on the same workstation. 


So because the second user can access it, the server is configured properly (RSN.ini file) and the accelerator.

I guess that si because when I log in as a  different user on the same machine (first time), windows makea a fresh local setup for it.

The problem is somewhere in the local user setting and I can't figure out what it is.

I did a clean Revit install, uninstalled most of the programs that could have an effect, windows is updated, so is Revit  (ver 2020). 
I also called tech support but they could not figure it out either, so I'm reaching out to see if any of you had a similar problem and how did you solve it.

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Thank you for the question @Andrej.Licanin!


It sounds like you are experiencing this issue: Nothing happens when clicking BIM 360/Revit Server/External Resources icons in Revit


Since you’ve already confirmed that the issue is specific to the one user account, check if the Windows Master Control Panel shortcut (God Mode) is enabled for that user, and if so disable it.

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist
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Wow that really worked O.O.

I would not think of it in a million years, how did you figure it out?
What is the issue with god mode?

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in reply to: Lance.Coffey

I got bit by this problem, and one of our leads pointed me to this thread...


Revit is apparently offended when the “God Mode” “Special Folder” is present on the Desktop...

  • Obviously it has a name, but not in the simple context for what Revit scans for on the Desktop
    • The item has no actual/traditional name if reviewed in Properties…
  • Moving that Special Folder into a subfolder immediately corrected the problem
    • Deleting is not necessary, you just have to hide it from Revit…
    • Revit does not look into folders on the Desktop, only at what is on the Desktop.


This implies Revit is scanning and “analyzing” those Desktop Objects.

  • Implications are huge for those that have many or varied objects on their Desktops.
  • Direct takeaway is speed, and confident result, of Revit Starting is a function of number and type of things on the Desktop (among other places).
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in reply to: JohnStory

Thank you @JohnStory for the info on how to keep Windows Master Control Panel (God Mode) feature enabled while still allowing Revit to work normally.


I'm guessing that Revit is scanning the contents of the locations from the Places bar (which contains Revit Server and the Desktop).


I've updated the following two articles related to this, to note the alternative of moving to a subfolder (might take an hour or so for the change to show up):

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist

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