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Cannot exit Sketch mode, the x & check buttons do not work.

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Cannot exit Sketch mode, the x & check buttons do not work.

Dear All,


A colleague was experiencing this issue earlier & we were not sure what happened. 

He created a stair & modified the railing, however he couldn't exit the sketch mode after that. The buttons can be clicked but they don't anything. 

The file is a C4R file using Revit 2020, and using only one monitor.


I have attached a video recording. 

Since we couldn't solve it, we just force closed the file & reopened it again. 

Tried to re-do the same steps done (created stairs), and the error disappeared. 


Was thinking it's a bug or something, but hopefully somebody here can enlighten me what exactly happened & how to solve it in the future. 


Thank you all. Also uploaded the journal file just in case it's needed. 




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in reply to: Jahzzy

U can create shortcut to end this mode if u need, i try this method before with group Editing.

Best regards,,

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