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Project Bulletin Being Automatically Checkout

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Project Bulletin Being Automatically Checkout

We are having a recurring issue where when a user goes to open a model they get a Cant Edit Element Error. 

Our projects are set to open with the project bulletin by default. And if you hit cancel on this the project bulletin disappears, leaving the sheet its on blank. The thing that's confusing about this is that the project bulletin rarely gets updated and its using families or parameters that are linked to any thing else. Its just a basic sheet and title block with some project information on it.

The other thing that's strange is that the project bulletin has been checked out by users who are on the Job in BIM360 but have never opened the project. And it also seems to happen randomly with user A working in the file for days after user B made changes unrelated to the project bulletin and then it pops up saying that user B has to relinquish it before it can be edited. Even though user A is just trying to open the model to work on things unrelated to the project bulletin.

Any help or Insights anyone can provide would be much appreciated.Cant Edit Element Error Upon Opening a Model.png 


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