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Which to chose? - Revit Server vs Cloud Worksharing

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Which to chose? - Revit Server vs Cloud Worksharing

We are shortly starting a collaboration with another architecture studio and need to set up Revit work-sharing between the two (small) offices in same city.  We both only use file-based LAN worksharing now. 

The other office has previously used Server (back in 2015 I think) but doesn't have in house knowledge on setting up / use (bosses just assumed it can be done).  I have no experience with Revit Server or Revit Cloud Worksharing.  And obviously I have to get something setup next week...


Should we go straight to the Cloud solution?

Can anyone point to some resources on pros/cons on each? Any advice gratefully received!

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CloudWorksharing for sure especially when you have no IT department

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Hi @markdavies_PRark I agree with @MichaelRuehr that you should opt for the Cloud-based work sharing. 


Check out this article


Another discussion on the same:


If this solves your problem, please mark it as a solution so that others can locate it. Thank you. 

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