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File based collaboration

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File based collaboration

I am working on a big project in Revit that is a collaboration, but it is not in BIM 360.  It is a file sharing collaboration.  I need to fix my point of origin so my model lines up the theirs in model space.  They provided several survey files, and somewhere among them they have provided me with a base point and survey point.  This is where I am lost.  Can somebody give me a link to a good tutorial about file based collaboration or perhaps a quick explanation about how to properly set my base point?  Maybe there is a good resource explaining the file based collaboration processes. 

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Thank you for the reply.  I am not adding an entirely new model to an existing one.  I am downloading a central models and making local copies and adding geometry to those.  They also have an Alignment of Survey Revit Model that has its Project Base Point at N/S 1520000' and E/W 53000'  7 225/256" and a Survey point about 100' away from the PBP and set to 0,0,0 , while the central model files have a PBP and SP both starting at 0,0,0.  I can't just enter the values because of the 10 mile limit on moving those points.  Doing the Revit file link isn't an option because the Survey Model is in a later version than the building version.  (The survey version is just for reference).  

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@Anonymous wrote:

...Project Base Point at N/S 1520000' and E/W 53000'  7 225/256" and a Survey point about 100' away from the PBP and set to 0,0,0  

I am kind of have a rough idea how to do it but I need you to clarify the above information.  How can the PBP hundreds of thousand of feet away from (0,0,0) and only 100 feet away from the SP, but the SP is right at (0,0,0)?

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See, I believe I may be getting some conflicting info.  I will include the description of the PBP that the PM sent to me.  I think he is mistaken.  I think the Survey point is how it is described in the Alignment of Survey  project file that is also attached. 


If I ignore his advice about the Survey point and instead use the SP I attached below, I still can't enter the data without getting the 10 mile limit message.  I can't redefine my PBP.  It definitely doesn't want to be moved more than 30,000 ft.

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Let's ignore the hundreds of thousand of feet information and focus on the relative location between the SP and the PBP.


- Ask them to export their site plan including only the SP and PBP to DWG

- Open it in AutoCAD, select both SP and PBP, and move so that the SP is right at 0,0,0 of the drawing

- Save and link the DWG to your model, Origin to Origin

- Make sure the SP of the DWG is right on the SP of your model.   It should be if your SP is at the Origin (0,0,0).  If not, unclip your SP and relocate it to (0,0,0), then re-clip it

- Move your (clipped) PBP to right on the the DWG's PBP

- Delete the CAD link, save your model and you are set


Now they should be able to link your model in theirs by Project Base Point to Project Base Point.

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I get the sense that this is going to work.  I have done what you suggested, and I'll let you know how it goes.  Thanks a ton!


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Meh... didn't work.  I thought it sounded like it would, but no luck.  I tried to test it out and append the model in Navisworks, and it seems my model and the model it was being joined to were miles apart. :-\.  


I can verify that their model is located with the PBP at N/S 1528208' - 1 55/64" and E/W 535350' - 7 225/256" and 100' elevation.

The Survey Point is N/S 1528187' 7 59/64"   and E/W 535453' 2 41/64" with the elevation at 92' - 10 87/128".


Those numbers are from their Alignment of Survey document.  


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OK.  I just got the big numbers to work on the two points.  My process was:

1.  Unpin the SP

2. Leave the PBP pinned

3.  Move the PBP to the N/S coordinate.

4.  Move the SP to its N/S coordinate.

5.  Move the PBP to its E/W coordinate.

6. Move the SP to its E/W coordintae.

7.  Check PBP elevation (it checked out)

8.  Check SP elevation, corrected it.


But it still doesn't seem to allow me to populate their navisworks model with my geometry.  One of my railings end up in a locker room.

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