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Cloud Worksharing Operations are Down - 10/24/2018

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Cloud Worksharing Operations are Down - 10/24/2018

Revit Cloud Worksharing is experiencing an unplanned outage.  We will post an update as soon as more information is available.

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in reply to: Ian.Ceicys

With the amount of lost productivity I've had this year due to "unplanned outages", with little to no explanation, Autodesk should be paying me to use their product and not the other way around.  At a minimum, a refund for about a months worth of licenses would be a good start. 

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in reply to: Ian.Ceicys

We are in recovery and services are returning to their normal operation. We're still working to ensure this is fully resolved. We will update this post in the next 30 minutes. 

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in reply to: Ian.Ceicys

I would love to hear from Autodesk what they are doing to make the Cloud Worksharing more stable. 4 or 5 outages in a week and a half is not acceptable. Lots of users have deadlines and these outages are not acceptable.

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in reply to: Ian.Ceicys

Hi Ian,

Please see or merge additional comment for Thread started prior to yours regarding this outage.

There's additional feedback that deserves a response.


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in reply to: Ian.Ceicys

So I'm new here. We've have two projects up and running on BIM 360 and this is the 3rd outage in a 7 day span. The projects we are doing are to test your service and see if this is the way to go when our Autodesk contract expires at the beginning of the new year. I must tell you, you are failing right now.

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This is a continued disappointment, as a believer in C4R. It makes it hard to convince coworkers that this is a reliable service since our work in interrupted.


Autodesk should offer a partial refund on this premium service if they cannot ensure its resilience.

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in reply to: Ian.Ceicys

I have to agree with everyone here, and on the other threads.  Autodesk wants us to trust them with our data? Exactly what are you doing to ensure that trust?  This is not a service that should be paid for at this time. It still feels like it's in beta. Outages, degradation issues, etc. When it is working, it is quite nice, but it isn't consistent or trustworthy yet. And like most people in our technical leadership positions who are on this site, we went to bat for this product... and we look like idiots because of it.  Fix it. Be transparent. Be upfront. Period. Your service isn't worth the cost at the momet.

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I feel like in a year we will hear something like

'Oh yeah, by the way, 1.5 million customer's data was breached back in October, we are looking into the issue'

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Based on the current level of transparency, would you honestly expect that Autodesk would tell you your data was breached?  That would basically negate any of their cloud services from use on any Government funded contract.  Not to mention requirements for other privately funded projects.  

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Not to mention military projects with secret+ clearances...


Indeed, with the communication levels of Autodesk at the moment, if they treat security like they treat their customers, I would expect they would never tell us unless they were forced to.

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in reply to: dtpeter2901


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in reply to: Ian.Ceicys

This issue is not resolved. We're still experiencing problems, can't sync or open files.

Any updates? @Ian.Ceicys

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in reply to: Ian.Ceicys

There have been outages in 3 of the past 6 business days, with zero communication beyond the one sentence blurb on the page - which people only see if they visit the site at the right time. Trust requires transparency - since the BIM360 licenses are all named licenses, Autodesk has access to the email addresses of all current BIM360 users. Email blasts sent directly to those current users would be a welcome first step in being more transparent.  And providing a small credit back to contract holders, in acknowledgement of these service interruptions would be a positive step towards building trust. 


Please know- last month, there was a ton of buzz around BIM360 in my office. People  who had used it, had liked it, and we were about to purchase more seats. Given the frequency of outages, and the lack of information from Autodesk at this time, I don't see how we could possibly, in good conscience, put any more projects in the cloud now.

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in reply to: nharburger

Please see my post for outage cause & actions we are taking to improve the service going forward.




Sasha Crotty
Director, AEC Design Data

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