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C4R down Again

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C4R down Again

With all of the unplanned downtime the past 2 weeks I really hope Autodesk posts what the issue is/was.

Seems to me they keep putting patches on patches instead of testing and fixing.

I'd also like to know to tell my clients.  Production deadlines don't change.  When a contractor misses the date of substantial completion, they don't get paid for the full contract prices they agreed to.  I'd like to know when Autodesk is going to take on that same level or responsibility.  We've contracted with you to provide a service.  That service isn't being provided in the manner it was advertised.  Everytime C4R goes down we're bleeding money.  I could understand this if the product was still new.  It isn't new anymore.  There are other solutions and services.  Time to start looking again.  4th time in under a week.  Autodesk needs to start providing credit to those of us that have been paying a substantial amount of money for this service.   

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We're starting to make the move back to server hosted models. This service is far too unreliable, far too expensive, offers no compensation for downtime and with no explanation as to why it's down.

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in reply to: timspencercastlebs

My company are thinking the same about local server instead of collaboration in cloud. Unbelievable that no answers are posted from Autodesk. If we handled our business this way, our customers would be long gone. 


// Robert

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So this is the 4th outage in the past few weeks after a fairly lengthy stretch of solid uptime.  I think your users deserve an explanation as to what is going wrong and when this will be fully resolved.  I have a hard time blindly accepting outages like this at such a frequency.  I am apologizing to our users because of these continued outages and it makes everyone in the same boat as me look like a horses butt trusting a service like this. I am asking you for an explanation as to what is going on - as much as you don't want to let us peer into the black box that is Autodesk, I am telling you that some transparency with this will help. 

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I'm realizing why some larger firms still use Revit Server. Project teams here are losing confidence in BIM 360 (especially Worksharing which is the most important part for us). I do not want to take projects off because of the 'work from anywhere' aspect and collaboration but if it's even down 5 minutes, teams will be frustrated and go back to conventional Revit use.


Autodesk NEEDS to inform us why this is happening and do more to prevent it or BIM 360 in general will fail.


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[edited for typos]


Hi all,


You are absolutely right that we need to provide insight into what's happening with the service. It usually takes a few days to fully diagnose and confirm the cause of an outage - this is why you see a delay in outage information making its way to this forum. I'll be posting an update on last Wednesday's outage shortly.


If anyone is attending AU I am also happy to discuss our plans for addressing outages and increasing resiliency of the service in person. I'll be around in the AU Quad in the exhibition hall for Community Meetups for BIM 360.




Sasha Crotty
Director, AEC Design Data

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in reply to: sasha.crotty

That's great Sasha.  I didn't have any money left in my budget to make it to AU this year so I won't be able to meet with you.  However this still doesn't address the root problem at hand.  We are a large user of this product in my opinion.  Half of our staff has a C4R license.  We've been using it since it's inception.  But at the current rate of cash burn everytime it goes down, it's not sustainable.  Most of our projects are being done on C4R.  Which means we require our Consultants to also be on C4R.  We have 150 seats.  I'm guessing we have close to 500-600 unique invites to our projects.  Not saying that they all using it all of the time, but they are all using it.  And when deadlines come up they are all using it.  If we stop using this product, so do our consultants.  Again I know were not the biggest fish in the sea, but $540,000/yr in C4R licenses should count for something.  Add in the employee cost.  I'll throw out an average billable rate $120/hr.  $72,000/hr.  With ever increasing competition in the market place and lower and lower Percentages, even a little blip is a big deal.  I've mentioned it before.  When my cable goes out, even for an hour, I get a credit.  It's not much, but it's something.  

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in reply to: sasha.crotty

There have been outages in 3 of the past 6 business days, with zero communication beyond the one sentence blurb on the page - which people only see if they visit the site at the right time. Trust requires transparency - since the BIM360 licenses are all named licenses, Autodesk has access to the email addresses of all current BIM360 users. Email blasts sent directly to those current users would be a welcome first step in being more transparent.  And providing a small credit back to contract holders, in acknowledgement of these service interruptions would be a positive step towards building trust. 


Please know- last month, there was a ton of buzz around BIM360 in my office. People  who had used it, had liked it, and we were about to purchase more seats. Given the frequency of outages, and the lack of information from Autodesk at this time, I don't see how we could possibly, in good conscience, put any more projects in the cloud now.





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