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Central Files and UNC Paths

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Central Files and UNC Paths



Has there been a change in how Revit uses UNC patht in Central files? In 2014 and prior the central files always used the UNC-path when it was saved to a network drive, even if we have browsed via the mapped drive path. In 2015 we discovered that Revit uses the mapped drive path. Since we have a couple of offices whitch all have same drive letters mapped to different servers and we work in projects on other offices, it doesn't work so well in 2015. We have to make sure that the projects alwaty uses the UNC-path when they save their central models.


From 2014




From 2015


Any other who have experienced this?




John Nordmark


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in reply to: francisco.eloy

This change creates problems for others again. Flexibility and choice is the key here.

Working from home, UNC does not work, and the file path is AD. Storing the central file path with a mapped letter is the solution, since the path would be the same, regardsless if I am working from home, or from the office. Pleace change this to make the user able to select either mapped drive, or UNC.


A second solution could be to store all three alternative paths, that all point to the same file.

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