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Ability to cloud host keynotes on BIM 360/C4R for concurrent editing

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Ability to cloud host keynotes on BIM 360/C4R for concurrent editing

Unless I have made an oversight, it still seems that we cannot use BIM 360 to host our .txt keynote file to work with C4R. The ability to add or modify keynotes concurrently and be able to see changes upon a sync without having to use another intermediary party such as Dropbox or an ftp server would be improve the efficiency of our geographically separated project team.


I found a thread inquiring about this issue from April 2015 where there was a response from Autodesk mentioning that a C4R compatible solution was being addressed


When it comes to keynote collaboration in Revit there unfortunately has always been a need to incorporate a third party application or a work around solution. An Autodesk integrated solution would be a great improvement to the Collaboration for Revit experience and I am sure I am not alone in that regard. Has there been any progress to this issue or is it on Autodesk's roadmap? 



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I am wondering the same question - I do not see an updated solution in the forums other than suggesting a 3rd party Keynote Manager solution.

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