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How to Change a Project Thumbnail Setting Preview on C4R (No Save As Option)?

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How to Change a Project Thumbnail Setting Preview on C4R (No Save As Option)?

Hi Guys:


I'm working on a project stored on C4R with limited authority to re-write or delete the central file.

Wondering if there is another way than the "Option" on save as dialog-box to change the project thumbnail preview image?

I need to change it to our company disclaimer view.


Thank You


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in reply to: Ali.Entezami

do you mean the starting view?

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Hi I am talking about the Thumbnail on Revit opening page, before you open any file.
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Hi Ali,


Thank you for taking your time to post this on the forum, 


The thumbnail you have set when you make the initial upload will be the one associated to the file. 

So whatever thumbnail you want to have will need to be set before you upload it - if you want to change it afterwards I assume the only way is to re-upload it with the desired thumbnail. 


Thanks again, 

Jacob Westergaard

Autodesk Premium Support Team
AEC Premium Support Services
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Thank you,

Yes I'm aware of this, as I explained I have limited access and no right to delete or re-write or re-upload the central. I was wishing should be another solution for that.




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