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Visibility by detail level

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Visibility by detail level

How can i have different visibility graphics by detail level?

For example I would like to have these columns solid hatched when in coarse detail view like this.Screenshot 2024-03-23 192240.png

But when I set to Fine detail view, I want to have it show concrete pattern like this

Screenshot 2024-03-23 192442.png

I have tried it setting through graphic override but it doesn't seem to work.

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The Detail Level in Visibility settings sets the detail level of a category, regardless the detail level of the view. So if you have a coarse fill pattern defined for the columns and set the category to Detail Level coarse, it will always show the coarse fill pattern, even if you set the detail level of the view to Fine.

So if you want to have different fill patterns per detail level, then don't change the detail level in the visibility settings. Instead, set a coarse pattern in the family and add a material with a different fill pattern to be used for detail levels Medium and Fine. 

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Hi @shreyashingleoct10 

Thanks a lot for posting your question to the forums!   Has the solution suggested by @Simon_Weel helped with your issue?

We look forward to hearing back from you with more information so we can help you as a community! 

Jonathan Hand

Industry Community Manager | AEC (Architecture & Building)

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How am i supposed to do that?
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Do what? Adding a material to a Family? Help | Apply Materials to Elements | Autodesk

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Well this being a concrete column, the material is already applied to the family. How am i supposed to get filled pattern in coarse detail view, and concrete pattern in fine detail view modes.

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That's a material parameter - type Instance. You want all columns to have the same material, so open the family, change the material parameter to Type, load into the project, select column, Edit Type and change the material.

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Alright thanks a lot

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