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The Unnexplainable Lack of Modify Tools in Assemblies

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The Unnexplainable Lack of Modify Tools in Assemblies

Why Autodesk keeps torturing us by limiting (graying out) the "Modify Tools" in assembly views? We create assemblies in order to speed up documentation, but for mysterious reasons, drafting and annotating on them is so frustrating with these limitations. Why? And more important: any good workaround?


Captura de tela 2023-03-14 103146.png

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in reply to: asf.arq

Screenshot doesn't tell whole story.  How did you get to where you are at?  Give us a step-by-step to replicate.  


...perhaps you could post your file so we can follow along better.  

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in reply to: barthbradley

There is no much to it — the screenshot is nothing but an assembly view. The workflow is the following:

  1. Create elements, then select those and create an assembly:


  2. From the project browser, select the assembly and chose "Create Assembly Views..."


  3. Open any of the created views. The "Modify Tools" are grayed out. Drafting and Annotating now relies on the most basic drawing tools.



    Notice that, in the last image, I created two red lines. If I want to trim them, no "Trim Tool" is available — I have to manually drag the lines ends.

That's pretty much it. Thanks for your attention.

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in reply to: asf.arq

What about cut/paste from a non-assembly view?  

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in reply to: barthbradley

Works, but then the user would have to manually create corresponding views, draft/annotate, copy/paste, then delete those views . . . Maybe the whole function of assembly views management would lose its meaning.


It is a workaround, fine. But has this limitation any explanation? Should it be like that or is just a "bug"?

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