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Revit 2024 - visibility control broken

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Revit 2024 - visibility control broken

Since upgrading a large project to Revit 2024 we are finding that basic visibility control has become inoperable in many views.  When trying to hide model elements individually via 'hide in view', or by workset, the elements become un-selectable, but remain visible.  This happens even when trying to delete model elements, if you delete them they become totally unselectable, but remain visible and continue to obscure other elements, despite theoretically not existing in the model any more.  


Visibility control via model category does still work, but this is not enough to achieve the outputs we need.


This is happening in plan and 3D views.


I have tried opening and closing view, restarting Revit, restarting the computer, upgrading to the most recent Revit version, all to no avail.


Suffice to say this has rendered the software almost unusable.  Did the upgrade process corrupt our file?  Is anyone else experiencing this same issue?  Rebuilding this project from scratch will lead to months in delays for us.  Unfortunately due to the commercial sensitivity of the project I'm unable to post the Revit file here. 


Any advice greatly appreciated!



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have you try to tick all of these and see if helps.




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in reply to: jesse3WLUJ

Omg, thankyou @ennujozlagam !  That is now all working perfectly...  I didn't realise that most of those elements I was struggling with were pinned.  I don't know why I was able to select them in the first place and perform pseudo actions on them before they reverted to their un-selectable pinned behavior, but I appear to have control back again.


It's not often that a solution is that easy!  Thanks again.

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