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Re Path Linked Revit Models without Loading the Linked Model

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Re Path Linked Revit Models without Loading the Linked Model

Hi Autodesk Community,


I'm currently going through the process of setting up a federated model on the ACC cloud that houses 50+ models... I have to individually download and load each specific link when adding them into the federated model. I thought it would be a great idea to be able to do this without having to load the models, but by just editing the file path. That way once everything has been re-pathed successfully onto their respected cloud folders, you can open the project and have everything load together from the cloud (long load time obviously) but better off as you can leave the application running whilst completing other tasks. 

Please let me know if this is a thing, otherwise something to add to the drawing board?




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Why don't you link the models directly from ACC?

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Hi ToanDN,


Correct, that's what I'm doing. However with the new ACC update, im finding it automatically downloads the respected models once I re-link their pathway. Are you familiar with the pop-up?


Kind regards,

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