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Implementing a New Revision Numeric System in Revit 2020

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Implementing a New Revision Numeric System in Revit 2020

Hi there,

I'm currently working on a project that's nearing the end of its construction phase.
Since the project's inception, we've been using a Revision numeric system with the initial number set at zero.

However, the client now needs a new set of drawings that will prominently feature "Works As Executed" as the Revision Description in the title block.
Also, this new set of drawings should start with a fresh Revision Number set to 70, and it should not display any of the previous revisions.


Our project is being managed in Revit 2020, and I've been contemplating the best way to achieve this without completely removing all of the prior revisions. Starting from scratch in this manner might seem disruptive to me, even though I can create a backup.


I'm reaching out to inquire if any of you have encountered a similar situation or if you know of any tools or techniques within Revit 2020 that could help us implement this requirement without causing undue disruption.


Any suggestions or guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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in reply to: LeoLamanuzzi

Do you need to keep previous revisions?

How many sheets do you have?

What is the matter to set at number 70 and see previous one?

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in reply to: Yien_Chao

- I don't need to see the previous revisions in the titleblock but I'd like to keep them in the project.
- More than 100 sheets
- If I set the number to 70 in the "Customize Numbering Options" panel in this phase of the project, it would affect all the other revisions that we previously issued. This means that revision number 1, issued years ago at the start of the construction, becomes 70, number 2 becomes 71, and so on.

Actually, I'm thinking of using the alphanumeric system. It is a bit manual but it works fine if I write the sequence: 70, 71, 72 etc... In this way I can keep the numeric system we used so far as it is.
The problem now is to hide the previous revisions.
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in reply to: LeoLamanuzzi

Your last suggestion might works.  I cannot see other approach, especially if you want to keep previous data.

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