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Error message while deleting mullion segments (Revit 2018)

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Error message while deleting mullion segments (Revit 2018)

I've recently installed Revit 2018, and I now get an error message when removing a mullion segment from a curtain wall. This particular error shows as "can't be ignored," so I am forced to click "delete element" after every single segment I remove. Is there a way to prevent this error message from popping up? Revit 2017 did not have this error message.

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I tested with a 2018 OOTB curtain wall and got no warning.  Can you copy paste that particular curtain wall to a new file and share it?

Toan Nguyen
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Thanks for you response- I think I've found the difference between the family I was using and the Revit OOTB wall. My CW family type did not have mullion types assigned, so all the mullions were user created using the mullion tool. I realized that I was only getting the message when splitting a segment caused a user created mullion to delete. If the mullion was a locked mullion that was a part of the family, I did not get the message. I also checked this in Revit 2017 as well, so it's probably been around for awhile and I've just never realized.


For now I'll just use assign mullions to the CW family, though it is still a minor annoyance when dealing with a curtain wall types without assigned mullions.

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