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Door Opening Cut does not cut properly

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Door Opening Cut does not cut properly

Dear Community.

I just checked out the new feature of Revit 2022 tapered walls. How amazing is that!

Well, my friend just asked me to place a window, or a door and lets see how it will be cut. Well done Autodesk. We can also define that.


But now, there is a small issue. The opening cut is not enough extruded for doors. I checked, if there is a parameter in the family which controls the opening depth. It is not possible to adjust. (or I could not find it.) I used the standard family which comes with Revit.



 All in all, amazing! Thanks for getting more freedom in the design phase.


Kind regards,


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in reply to: OlafKammler

I would recommend to just download a different door family and try that. Good luck!

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in reply to: OlafKammler

Replace the Opening Cut in the Door Family with a Void Cut (Attached). Make the Void depth parametric, so you can control it's start/end extension beyond faces of wall  - or just extend it a few feet in front and in back of the  host wall in the Family. Check "Cuts with Void when Loaded".  Reload door into Project.  

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in reply to: OlafKammler

Thanks for the work arounds.

I am just wondering if the "root issue" could be solved. The opening for the window is working. Why not having it working for the door as well.

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in reply to: shellyk

I checked it with another door - same issue. The door opening extrusion is not long enough.




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in reply to: OlafKammler

I would use the Wall Opening Tool to create a through-opening in the tapered Wall and then place a non-tapered Wall somewhere in the through-opening.  This is the Wall that I would host the Door.  Pretty much the way it will be constructed in the real-world.  



Door in Tapered Wall 410.jpg






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in reply to: OlafKammler

Did you notice that it does work with a Door/Opening if the Door is placed before the Wall is Tapered?  


Door in Tapered Wall 410-2.jpg

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in reply to: barthbradley

I checked it. Still running in the same problem. If you go for an extreme tapered wall, you will see the same issue.

Thanks for the other work around. Especially in the design draft phase, it should work without an additional host wall. 


Still, I am wondering, why the opening void works for windows, but not for doors.

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in reply to: OlafKammler

I am testing it and not having the same issue. Is your door using void instead of opening as cut? void.png

Check out my Revit youtube channel -
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in reply to: syman2000

FWIW: Door w/Opening cuts through Tapered Wall on my end as well.   

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in reply to: OlafKammler

Hmmm ... now, I get sad. The standard door works with opening. No void is created. I checked it with the english and german template.


Because it works for others, and not for me (restarted laptop, installed libraries), I attached my Revit file.


Beside Revit 2022, I have installed Revit 2020 and 21. Until few days ago, I also had installed Revit 2019.

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in reply to: OlafKammler

Seems to work fine after I modify Door Family to raise the Opening Cut and Host Wall Base to Ref. Level.



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in reply to: barthbradley

That is actually the issue! I am amazed and thanks for finding the issue @barthbradley . Well, I would say, the libraries, which can be directly downloaded from Autodesk and have this issue, should get edited. 😄


I did another check. It is interesting. I created another opening beneath the ref. Level. This opening only cuts to a certain extrusion depth.



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