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Apartments Schedule in Revit

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Apartments Schedule in Revit

Dear all,

Im trying to create a schedule which includes list of columns. Im looking for suggestions what is the best way to show this information on Room schedule.

Apartment Name / Apartment Type / Level / Area / Storage Area/ Garage Area/ Parking Area.

Did anyone come across something similar in 1schedule without dividing it in few schedules which are later put together on sheet as one? Please advise. Any help approciated.

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Could you elaborate?

When you say list of columns, what do you mean? Is it like structural elements associated to the rooms/apartments?


In your post you talk about Apartment Type / Level / Area  they all can be info contained within the existing parameters and for the  Storage Area/ Garage Area you could use an extra column using Calculated values if those areas are always the same or the areas are a percentage of the total area of the apartment.


Depending on the kind of project you can use some parameters such as occupancy/ comments / department to report the apartment type. Just make sure that the parameters you use are not going to be used for something else in the future, if that's the case you can always create custom Shared Parameters to add the extra information you require within rooms.


Hope that helps


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in reply to: angelica.rodriguez.3d

Hi Angelica,

Thank you for coming back to me.
Yes mean columns in schedule as heading. 
I need to schedule Apartment and agains it I need to tell how many m2 of storage which is in basement belongs to this apartment and how many m2 of Garage and car park space. Those elements are various and are not included with in apartament zone. They are on different level. 
Within the storage and garage I have occupancy parameter for apartments number and within parking Family I have created shared parameter called Parking space Area.
I need to show all of it in 1 schedule.
At the moment I have 4 schedules which are aligned on sheet to look like one.
Do you have better idea?

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in reply to: Anonymous


In the Room schedule you can all the information provided in the property of that room..

Ex: Name

Area etc


but anything which is not realated to that room then it wont show up ex

Storage area

Garage area, number etc


your best chance is to Create separate Schedule

Ex 1: Room Schedule ( Unit Number , Unit name, Number, Area, Level )

    2: Storage Schedule ( Mention Unit Number and Area , Level)

   3: Parking Schedule ( Mention Unit Number, Area etc

4. Garage Schedule ( Unit Number, Area, Name )


Sort these schedule as per Unit number, and keep next to each other on Sheet..

It will show as per Unit number...

This way you can control the graphics and overall project..


any parameter which is not there by default ex : Unit number in Parking family, then you

will have to create a new parameter, or use description, comments etc to replace with Unit Number..


This will take quite a time, theres no readymade quick solution ..



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