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Zooming inside the view port

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Zooming inside the view port

Hi everyone,


I am working on  a project where I need to place 3 viewports containing Side, Front and Plan sections. And each of these viewport would contain only the specific part of model so as to have better understanding.

I am able to place the viewport with desired views but its coming as a whole. How to "zoom inside the viewport" to highlight selected part.


Thanks in advance.



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in reply to: strsuraj

UIView class has zooming related methods. I can access the UIView from a PreviewControl pretty easily. In your case, you'll have to see how to get the UIView object from within a viewport.

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in reply to: strsuraj

Check out my  UIView-based custom tooltip sample:



Best regards,




Jeremy Tammik
Developer Technical Services
Autodesk Developer Network, ADN Open
The Building Coder

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in reply to: jeremytammik

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the help.

Links you provided, directed me towards this segment "". This does zoom inside the View, but my query was I wanted to Zoom inside the ViewPort

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in reply to: Anonymous

Hi Neerav, thanks for replying.

I received this link from Jeremy "". 


Here I took the ActiveView as my ViewPort view. But it opened that particular section view and zoomed it by 0.5.


So still no clue. I tried zooming inside the view port manually (by double clicking the viewport), but that didn't happen. What does that say, this functionality is not there ? 

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