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Reivt Add-in & Dynamo Zero-Touch Node

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Reivt Add-in & Dynamo Zero-Touch Node


Should I build Revit Add-in or Dynamo Zero-Touch Node?

I am a architect. I just started using Dynamo last year, then learned Python & C#. I’ve been working on Dynamo Zero-Touch Node a lot now. The reason I create Dynamo Zero-Touch Node is that it allows me using C# to drive the Revit API, and the way I create Dynamo Zero-Touch Node is very similar to Revit Add-in, combine all the methods, not like the normally way using Dynamo having a lot of nodes connecting one by one. See the video below, I built a Dynamo Zero-Touch Node to create window schedule, as you can see, it’s not a simple task, there are a lot of things happen, but all inside one node.





Eric Luo
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in reply to: eluo

Dear Eric,


Thank you for your query.


Congratulations on getting to grips so well with both environments.


I would say it is a matter of taste.


As you may have noticed from The Building Coder blog, I build Revit add-ins only and am perfectly happy with that.


People say that Dynamo is easier for non-programmers.


If you know Python and C# and are happy with pure non-visual programming, the add-in path may be the cleaner approach.


I hope this helps.


Have you made any decision yet?


Would you like to share your further insights with us?


Thank you!


Best regards,




Jeremy Tammik
Developer Technical Services
Autodesk Developer Network, ADN Open
The Building Coder

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in reply to: eluo

Hi eluo ,did you import the revit API (revit.UI and revit.DB) in zero-touch Node ? Did it work like we do the REVIT API in c#? Thanks!

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