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Adding Survey and Civil Design to Autodesk 2004

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Adding Survey and Civil Design to Autodesk 2004

I know nothing about Autodesk. I'm helping a retired Civil Engineer replace an old computer (which died). He owns the software and has 3 discs: Autodesk Land 2004, Civil Design & Survey. He has the Serial and key numbers. After loading Autodesk 2004, on a refurb Windows 7 PC, it loads without issue and opens without issue. Then I load the next 2 discs. Again, without issue. When I open Autodesk 2004 there is no evidence of the other two programs (civil design & survey). I don't know if you call them Applications, add-ons or modules. There is just Autodesk.


He has an old Windows 7 computer (very slow) that was setup by one of his employees years ago. When you open Autodesk 2004 on that pc, you can go to the HELP menu and see all three programs listed under "About". On the new "refurb" PC I just setup, under Help you only see About Autodesk 2004.


What am I missing?  Do I have to "activate" the Survey or Civil Design somehow?


Lastly, I'm desperate.  I'm really hoping someone here can help.  


Thank you.

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Autodesk ended automatic reauthorizing of 2010 and older software as of August 31 , 2019, read all about it here

Sorry, you missed the deadline.

Your only choice right now it to nurse along the older slower PC. Unless you all want to pony up for new subscriptions (and a Windows10 PC)|SEM|11811148233|115293460512|a...

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in reply to: pendean

Thank you so much for the answer.  It was driving me crazy.  Have a wonderful day.

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