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Activate AutoCAD2013 LT from the Autodesk website

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Activate AutoCAD2013 LT from the Autodesk website


 Hello to the entire community and thank you for reading this post, it turns out that in our company there are several versions of AutoCAD but the most current is the 2013 version, already in an instance from the Autodesk page a very friendly technician took the request code and generated us an activation code which activated the product without problems, today when we contacted support they refused to activate the second physical unit of the software arguing that the systems are no longer compatible or that the program they use to activate is no longer compatible It is available, something that obviously does not seem true, our question is, is there another way to activate the software legitimately with the product keys either on the activation page or through Autodesk technical support? Any help is welcome. Thank you.

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Ask your reseller for help

Otherwise Autodesk is the only one that can create the activation code you can try creating a new case & hopefully you can get someone else to do it

No guarantee 

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In the end I was lucky that an Autodesk support agent was kind enough to activate the product by making a single exception, he gave me a valid activation code for the required version, I had to practically beg but it was possible. Please close as resolved and thank you very much to those who were kind enough to answer my question.



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