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Autodesk PowerMill 2023.1.1 Update is now available for download

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Autodesk PowerMill 2023.1.1 Update is now available for download

Customers using any product from the PowerMill 2023 range with an active subscription or maintenance plan can now download and install the PowerMill 2023.1.1 Update through the  Autodesk Desktop App:


Alternatively, you can download the PowerMill 2023.1.1 Update from the  Product Updates  area of your  Autodesk Account. The associated PowerMill_2023.1.1.exe file is 103.6 MB in size on disk.


Details of the fixes and enhancements included in the PowerMill 2023.1.1 Update are listed  here.


To confirm that you've successfully installed the PowerMill 2023.1.1 Update, select the  ?  >  About  menu option in your PowerMill 2023 software and check that you're working in Version: 2023.1.1.2023121.


You can download the latest version of the  Autodesk Desktop App  from  here.


Kind regards,

Claire-Louise Davies
Manager, SQA

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in reply to: claire.louise.davies

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There is an error in the Model area clearance  of this POWERMILL 2023.1.1 version.
For details, you can see the picture description.

Slaves of CNC
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@Always-Love-CNC, I'm sorry you're having this problem. Do you have a project you are willing to share that shows this problem?

Benjamin Brereton
Director, Engineering
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This is true for all projects.  You can try to create a project from 2023.1.1  

Slaves of CNC
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OK. For your reference, I have created internal development task PMILL-20307 for this to be investigated.

Benjamin Brereton
Director, Engineering
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For your information, we have now determined that this is a problem we were already aware of and were already actively working to fix.

Benjamin Brereton
Director, Engineering
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in reply to: Always-Love-CNC

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in reply to: Benjamin.Br

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in reply to: 164118292

On May 10, will be released PowerMill 2024. But I guess there won't be any meaningful enhancement in it. Autodesk after acquiring Delcam, has changed this great software (and amazing FeatureCAM) to the movable deads.

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