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Meshmixer won't download

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Meshmixer won't download

I have been trying to download meshmixer version 3.5 for windows but the install on the website doesn't seem to be working. When I click on the download button nothing happens. I am not sure if this is a problem on my end and would love some help.

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in reply to: jarrettshie949

Maybe servers were down when you tried it but atm all downloads are working.

Maybe your security software blocks the download? Such a software should output a message.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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I'm having the same problem

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in reply to: spinedaospina

Windows: Right click and go to 'Save link as':



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in reply to: hfcandrew

Thanks, It worked for me

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in reply to: jarrettshie949

Which browser configuration needs this workaround? 

Tried Edge and it accepts the direct download here...

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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That solution also worked for me. I am currently using google chrome as my browser.

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in reply to: jarrettshie949

This issue and workaround both seem to still exist on the current version of chrome

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in reply to: jarrettshie949

It wont allow me on chrome to securely download?

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The problem is that the download link is to http://... instead of https://... A lot of web tools are now moving to requiring https, including Chrome and related browsers.

To be clear: The Downloads page is https://..., it's just the links to download the actual installers that are to http://... That should really be corrected.

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in reply to: canuckotter

Thanks for that hint.


So these direct links to the English versions downloads should work if there are download issues:

Windows: Meshmixer 3.5

Windows: Meshmixer 3.3

macOS: Meshmixer 3.5

macOS: Meshmixer 3.3


Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb site is giving an error right now



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Use Wayback Machine 

rt cl save as your desired version. 

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Use Wayback Machine 

rt cl save as your desired version. 

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Thanks, that's the only link that actually works. Much appreciation as this conundrum was stalling progress in one of my builds.

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Thank you so much !
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in reply to: William_Cromar

i can't even get this to work

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in reply to: michael_75

My instructions work on a Mac... try a different saving protocol if you are on a PC (e.g. don't use rt-cl)

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in reply to: William_Cromar

dude !!   you are a star!!   

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in reply to: tony.dove3

De nada. And to the suits at Autodesk: please give your users a heads-up before the death of the next innovative software you buy out with the express purpose of drowning it in the bathtub to keep your hegemony intact.

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