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Folder read error

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Folder read error

Updated my MacBook Pro to Catalina. Opened Meshmixer first time since updating to the new OS. Now when opening Meshmixer, get this error (screenshot). App then opens, but crashes when trying to upload stl. Any help greatly appreciated.

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in reply to: cscottgo

Did you check the libraries folder and its subfolders if the OS update kept the contents?

In Documents/meshmixer/libraries there should be 4 directories:

  1. default_brushtex containing several image files
  2. default_polygons containing several .obj files
  3. default_shaders containing several image files
  4. parts containing two subfolders: default and user:
  • default contains several folders (e.g. Arms) with several part-object file bundles (means a something.obj, something.obj.png plus asomething.obj.prt)
  • user contains a My Parts folder. In this folder are such part-object file bundles of the custom parts you made (if you did some) too.

If there's no content in these directories I would try to do a fresh installation of Meshmixer.

If there's content: Check if Catalina protects the documents folder in some way. You might try this:

  • Move the meshmixer directory out off documents (E.g to /Users/YourName/) while Meshmixer is down. Now you should get this window launching MM:
  • Ohne Titel.jpeg
  • Use Redirect to point to the new location.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

Thanks for your help and reply. 

Turns out all it was is somehow I disabled Meshmixer's access to the Documents folder and it resulted in this error. 

Thanks again.

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in reply to: cscottgo

thank you very much for your help, it work now!

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