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Fixing car door frames

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Fixing car door frames

Hello everyone! First of all, I'am sorry if this isn't the right board to ask this. I'm new in Maya, so maybe the problem described below is a bit too advanced for me.
As shown in the picture below (and the gif in the attachments), the doors of a car haven't got a good frame, only the in and outside. Eventually the car will be used in a game, so will have working doors. These empty spaces are visible in the game if the door opens:/....To fix this, I need to 'fill up' these empty spaces between inside and outside of the door(s), it just needs a frame. Because I'am new in Maya I haven't got any clue how to do this... Maybe it is a bit too hard, but I really want to fix this. I already tried some vertex/edge extruding or scaling, but this didn't go well for me. There probably isn't an easy tool for this right? Or any other way to do this? It would be nice if someone has suggestions for a method to approach this problem.
Thanks in advance !



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hi, this is a basic knowledge of modelling man, how did you modeled the rest?
by the way it really depend on the shape you need to do and.

look like you have just a plane with no thickness,
so you can just enter in the edge mode (hold right down - edge) and double click the border of your door.
this will select all the border found, it could be too much,
in that case , deselect the edge you dont need and then extrude the useful to make a border or something.

you can make a border for both the 2 mesh, you have and then insert a new mesh to cover the hole.
you can combine them in one mesh,  Use the Combine mesh button on the shelf.
Now you can select one edge from one mesh, and one edge of the other, and hit the button Bridge
This will make a polygon co tonnect these two edges.

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