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Viewport 3.0 - Real Time Render

Viewport 3.0 - Real Time Render

Maya's viewport has been one of the best viewports out there, but now  there are few programs have a better viewport than maya's, that can give you real time render. This would be so usefull for look development and even to skip rendering... We see now the new Blender Viewport that has realtime graphics, or awesome viewports like Marmoset or Substance Painter. We see some effects in them like glows and real time volumetrics lights! Please maya don't stay behind... 


just saw this from blender. I'm not one to bang on about blender but this is pretty impressive.


Anything like this in the pipeline, Autodesk?




it makes me feel particularly sad that there have been multiple requests for hidden line removal mode haha :') Seems pretty trivial/ancient compared to this.

Try to make viewport 2.0’s rendering closer to the actual render.
It would be awesome to have it working with Arnold shaders instead of shaderFX.
Check this out:
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Have a try of the Pro Render plug-in while you are waiting for it, no pun intended 🙂


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"ADD YEBIS2" or something like to MAYA Viewport and Post Render Effects

Yebis is the only post-effects middleware technology in the world that in theprocess of live action video or CG real-time(such as glare, depth of field, color correction, anti-aliasing, etc.)visuals.
Integrate YEBIS into your projects to enhance video quality and development efficiency of real-time visuals,and cast a new light on your creations.effect2.jpg



actually, maya viewport 2 is already capable you can even have the displace in the viewport, something eevee doesn't have.
Only things that are missing are the post effects bloom,glare etc .

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We need something like this and even better!

Pi Square is dedicated to providing innovative interactive computer graphics technologies.

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With the new nvidia RTX cards, hopefully they update viewport 2.0 to support real-time reflections!


see this amazing video  from blender :


that's cool @Kloworks It would be nice is if the viewport matched an arnold render very closely. That way you could set everything up in the viewport, get 90% of the way there and do a final render for the final 10%. It could speed up lookdev and overall workflow in terms of decision making so much. 

Obviously blender has Cycles which is really well intergrated. Now that maya has Arnold, the same could happen.


@Kloworks this is really amazing! I hope maya 2019 is delayed because Autodesk is working very hard to bring all these features to us!


At least metallness for arnold shaders. You have that in stingray shader.


Now, how close is the new Maya 2019 Viewport 2.0 Arnold integration to EEVEE Cycles?

Same, EEVVEE has this and this but Viewport 2.0 has this and this and they are equally good?

Better, have this that not EEVVEE has?

Worse, EEVVEE has a this and this?

Anyone used both yet and know?


viewport 2 in maya is really for previz,
with eevee they try to do something hybrid between a render engine and a game engine. I really don't see the point cause you can't do export to games and for final frame things meh better use a proper raytraced GPU renderer.   
eevee has post effects (bloom glare) and light probes
Maya has displacement in the viewport and not eevee

Hey Folks, 


Thanks for all the input on this thread. If you haven't played with Maya 2019 yet, I encourage you to check it out. There are some significant improvements made in IBL lighting, AREA light reflection & material support that get Maya's viewport much closer to the results you see in Arnold:


The colour cast difference you see in the video is a result of global illumination as the scene is a fairly enclosed space.  I particularly like the area light reflections as it helps speed up the task of positioning area lights when rendering shiny objects. 


We are leaving this one open, as we do not yet have the post FX requested here (bloom, glare, glow etc.) - but we feel this is a significant improvement, and hope it helps you.  


A handy tip you can try is to use the Arnold Spherical Camera option (in the Arnold section on your camera) to render an EXR from a camera that is positioned in the center of your scene (or where your primary object location is) - and then use that as your IBL image when previewing in the viewport. 




Laurence Cymet




Very cool to see this improvement! Smiley Very Happy Thanks @laurence.cymet 



All I am asking is display of all arnold nodes for quick preview before render. I would love to see ai triplanar with ai noise in a viewport, roughness maps with color correction node attached and so on. 

When should we expect something like this? It seems very basic feature to have in a viewport but its still not there. 

Since Arnold is now "integrated" with maya it is surprising that's not working yet.

I will never use dx11 shader to make a good looking preview, I want to use Arnold shaders to make a superb looking preview.




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people will all be jumping boat to Unreal or Blender... 😞 

I would love it if Maya got their stuff together and figured out a way to get us something new or a new render update...

ps. learning Blender has been fun 🙂 


The general issue is lack of access to the post render buffer, so nobody can extend this part.


I'd love to buy a plugin to add YEBIS post glare and bloom effects, or a toon shader, or color correction, or lens distortion, or whatever. But I can't because plugin devs can't write this.


So I'd add three more things that post render buffer access could help allow:


- Do quick color correction for look dev


- Better / faster Toon shader (eg preview Arnold's or V-Ray's toon look)... Paint Effects viewport toon shader is slow / tricky / not a good solve if we're planning to use Arnold or V-Ray toon shader (or export to Unreal and use there)


- Lens Distortion (eg load an STmap from Nuke or whatever and have it apply live to the Maya viewport camera... currently we have to do the whole undistort-redistort thing).

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