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Trax Vs TIme Editor

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Trax Vs TIme Editor

Currently reading the Maya Doc for personal education purposes. i just hit nonlinear anim category and wondering.

I have seen in a forum that Trax editor is obsolete and Time editor its the new Trax... is that accurate? or both have seperate uses ?



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in reply to: araps

Hi @araps


The Time Editor is pretty much a replacement for the trax editor that came with Maya 2017.


While you can still use the Trax editor, I highly recommend transitioning to the Time editor!


We also have this article and video that gives a great breakdown on the Time Editor!



Please let me know if this helps or if you need any more assistance!



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I am having enormous trouble creating and re-importing clips for the time editor. I am creating a clip, exporting it, however when i try and bring it back in again and drop it into the time editor, the clip appears but no animation is copied onto the rig.


I have gone over the documentation, I have followed to the letter the associated training videos about the time editor with Stephen Roselle, but now matter what i do, I CANNOT add animation from a clip to the rig in the scene through the time editor.


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in reply to: sean.heasley

Hi @sean.heasley 

In 2021 what is your position regarding the "transitioning to the Time editor" relevance ?

Thansk for your clue


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in reply to: moiamy

Sean is lo longer in the Forums.

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