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Smooth Mesh for Unity / Game

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Smooth Mesh for Unity / Game

So I know that you create a normal map for more detail in games but I don't have a high poly version of my model, I just want it to look more smooth in Unity. Can I create a normal map from a mesh I create by just smoothing my low poly mesh (with the Mesh > Smooth command) to make my model look more smooth in Unity without increasing poly count?


My model is not extremely low poly, it's about mid poly, I just want the shadows to look a little cleaner.

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in reply to: junwi21

Hi @junwi21 and welcome to the community!


One option you have is to select your object and go under Mesh Display-> Soften Edges


Also while you say you don't have a high poly of your mesh if you go under Mesh->Smooth you can make a high poly and bake normals that way.


There's also a few settings in Unity you can tweak to make the mesh look smoother.


If this doesn't completely solve your issue, feel free to attach the scene file or object here or via dropbox/google drive and I'd be happy to make a video showing you how to do it :).


Please hit the Accept as Solution button if my post fully solves your issue, or reply with additional details if the problem persists.

Kudos are greatly appreciated. Everyone likes a thumbs up!

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in reply to: sean.heasley

Hey @junwi21 just checking in, are you still having this issue?

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Hello sean, am sure i am way late to this party buti recently hit the same problem as my meshes are low poly. Pls what are the other ways i can fix it in unity

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