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Unable to edit and render XGen collection after updating Maya

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Unable to edit and render XGen collection after updating Maya

Hey! I'm paniking. Our package at university just got updated, and i'm not able to access my XGen Collection anymore. It also doesn't render.

When i click on the Collection in the Outliner nothing happens, and when i click on the 'Open XGen Window'-Button it just allows me to create a new collection etc, but doesn't open the already existing one.


Any help? Please, i'm dying here. I put so much work in the fur-setup. ._.


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in reply to: Fritziundso

Hi @Fritziundso and welcome to the community! First off you can try deleting your settings/preferences and then double check to make sure you set your project to the right directory. If those don't fix it check this thread for info! Let me know if any of this helps you out 🙂

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in reply to: sean.heasley

If you open an XGen scene and the xgen UI is not populated, just resave the file, open a new file to clear everything out and then open your XGen scene again. The XGen UI should repopulate..




Michael Todd

XGen Product Owner and Designer

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in reply to: Michael_Todd

Thanks Sean for welcoming me, and thanks Michael for the solution^^' Who would know that a simple save would be the key :D.

This helped me a lot. Thanks al lot! 🙂


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in reply to: Michael_Todd

Hi Michael,


I have the same issue but I don’t really understand what you mean. Should I resave my XGen file and open „New Scene“ and then open my XGen file again?


It’s urgent..



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in reply to: vegaplanet

xgen is buggy. It's not only when you update Maya that happens but also when you imported a mesh from Zbrush or any other program. If not properly named that can happen too. The file path matters, you have to make sure to avoid a space while naming a file. Open the script editor and read what caused the error for more. 

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in reply to: vegaplanet

you can try exporting the collection and description then import it back in your newer version. you can also 'export all' (ascii format) too. FBX didn't work for me

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