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Mesh cleanup tool has inaccurate reporting

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Mesh cleanup tool has inaccurate reporting

I have two small meshes reporting errors when I open my scene:

// Warning: line 0: The mesh XXX contains invalid or unused components.  These can be cleaned up using the Mesh Cleanup dialog. // 

The only way to make this error go away is to launch the Mesh Cleanup tool, check on the 'Invalid Components' checkbox, and then hit Cleanup (construction history must not be saved).  After saving the Maya file, the next time I open it I get no more warnings.


This is great, except that the Mesh Cleanup tool reports "// Warning: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2018/scripts/others/polyCleanupArgList.mel line 1023: No items found to cleanup. // "


If the tool ISN'T cleaning anything, why does the error go away the next time I open the file?

If the tool IS cleaning something, why isn't it reporting what is being cleaned?


Note that none of the other Mesh Cleanup checkboxes report a problem or fix the issue.


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in reply to: rew_almighty

Hi @rew_almighty and welcome to the community!


I'd need to see the file to get a better idea of why this cleanup prompt is occurring.


When you get a chance, can you please zip and attach the scene file here or via dropbox/google drive or another file sharing program so I can take a look at it?


Please let me know if anything changes!


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in reply to: sean.heasley

Check this out, thanks

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in reply to: rew_almighty

Hi @rew_almighty


Thanks for attaching the file!


I took a look at it and it looks like there's only a simple plane in the scene that has some weird topology.


I went ahead and ran cleanup with Non Manifold Geo and Invalid Components selected and yes like you said the error goes away.


I'm not sure why its appearing but I would guess something went wrong when you were creating the model. It also looks like the model is grouped in some weird fashion which doesn't really make sense since its only a plane.


Either way, is this causing any other errors for you? It looks like you should be able to work normally despite the error.


Let me know if anything changes!



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in reply to: sean.heasley

Non-manifold reports no issues and doesn't fix it on its own.

Only Invalid Components seems to do the trick, but it doesn't report what it is fixing.


I guess my complaint is that Invalid Components is doing something to make the error go away, but I have no idea what because it reports in the script editor that it found no issues.

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in reply to: rew_almighty


This seems to be more a problem with the data structure  of the object (like an empty value) than geometry in the scene.

Simply saving as .ma also removes the problem.

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in reply to: mspeer


Well, apparently something in that specific mesh cleanup tool is getting rid of the data structure issue despite it reporting that it found no issues. I guess I'll consider it a fortunate byproduct of the tool's functionality...


Thanks for the assistance.


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in reply to: rew_almighty

Version 2022.2, 3 years on and this "invalid or unused components" bug has arguably gotten worse. Getting the same error but cleaning doesn't get rid of the error... and it still says "No items found to cleanup" lol. Saving as ascii does not do anything.

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