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Maya reset preferences without doing it manually?

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Maya reset preferences without doing it manually?

Hi. When I booted up Maya this morning all the preferences seemed to be reset (the current project set to default, none of my usual bookmarks or file types are saved) even though I haven't touched the prefs folder or changed the project in some time. It's nothing that I cannot redo, but I wonder if anyone knows what could've caused this? Could I have accidentally clicked on something in Maya's interface?

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Any errors in the script editor or output window that would indicate the prefs failed to load?

Have you checked the contents of userPrefs.mel to see if it looks like it still has you old preferences in it?

Brent McPherson
Principle Engineer
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Thank you for the reply. I had to start working after posting so I redid some of my usual prefs, and it seems like the old prefs are overwritten now (the userPrefs.mel file only shows the new prefs). Now when I restart Maya my new prefs are loaded as usual. Looking back at the version history of the userPrefs.mel file shows that it was half the size this morning compared to when I closed Maya yesterday. So I'm not sure what happened exactly. But if it happens again I will check the things you pointed out.

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