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Maya crashes when I try to see render view

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Maya crashes when I try to see render view

Every single time I try to see the Maya software render view Maya crashes. Nothing else is making it crash, including actually rendering in Maya software and the Arnold render view, and now after about 35 crashes due to render view I'm getting the same screen every time I reopen Maya, no matter how many things I have changed and saved.


Screen Shot 2023-04-26 at 4.51.05 PM.png

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MtoA (Arnold) does not use the Maya Render View (except for when you do Render > Render Sequence)
We do have an open ticket for a crash that happens when you try to Render > Current Frame in the Maya Render View after a Render Sequence. Perhaps this is a related you get to submit a Crash Recovery Report (CER)?

There's no reason to open the Maya Render View, unless you want to use a different renderer. In that case, change to that renderer first in the Render Settings.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support

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