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THe lambert preview on hypershade is weird and doesn't work well

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THe lambert preview on hypershade is weird and doesn't work well

Hi, as the pic is shown below, the preview of shader balls is weird and doesn't work usually, its default color is white  and it only turned half when I changed color, I just down it(Maya 2024) and I deleted the preference but it doesn't solve the problems, can anyone help? thank you.Screenshot 2023-04-26 230104.png

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in reply to: billyboy23337

Hi! I have a similar problem + the model looks almost white in all defaults materials but standardSurface1 looks good, (I am using the default lambert1 on Maya 2024), any idea to fix this?

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in reply to: lucho_k8

I also would like to know how to fix it or if this is a Bug that Autodesk is planning on fixing.

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in reply to: billyboy23337

The new 2024 viewport 2.0 has a new  lighting adjustable setting, have u tried that? This is the opposite of your bright materials but it could be related….

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go to option Hardware renderer 2.0 Settings put your light intensity in 1.100 and your image is normal but save after doing that was the only way to work this new light of maya 2024 and buggy

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