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Maya crash with locked CVs and new UV Set

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Maya crash with locked CVs and new UV Set

The following sequence causes Maya 2025.1 to crash every time.


  • Create a polygon
  • Select its vertices
  • Select and lock all CVs in the Channel Box
  • Select one of the locked vertices in the Viewport and try to move it (It doesn't move and we get the Warning message "// Warning: One or more components are locked and cannot be modified." in the Script Editor, as expected.)
  • Select the Object
  • Open the UV Set Editor and add a new UV Set
  • Render with Maya Software renderer
  • Crash

The order [Lock CVs -> Try to move vertex -> Create UV Set] is important. Creating a UV Set before trying to move a locked vertex will not cause a crash.


Note: I also report this bug with the automated bug reporting that pops up after the crash.

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Thanks for posting this. I can reproduce it as well.  Getting this logged for a future fix.


Nelson Cruz
Manager, Software QA Engineering
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