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Maya 2024 some HotKeys not working.

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Maya 2024 some HotKeys not working.

Recently many of my most commonly used hotkeys aren't working and I can't figure out why. I've shutdown and restart as well as made sure the caps lock wasn't on. Any idea what could be causing this? Or how to resolve this issue?


Hot keys not working:

R (Scale)

F (Frame selection)

B (Increase/decrease brush/soft select radius)

H (Toggle visibility)

Spacebar (4 screens toggle)

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in reply to: tgoreart

Hi! @tgoreart .

I'm sorry to hear that. In my case, when this happens, I first save the data and do a backup of the preferences, then delete the old preferences folder.
If this fixes it, you know that Maya has a bug or something that causes the hotkeys not working itself,

This is just my speculation since I have no more information, but it could be that the keyboard you are using is malfunctioning. I would consider the possibility that you spilled a drink on it, or that the contacts have been desoldered. If you open Notepad to try it out and type text into Notepad, do you see any input or chatter? Does it work with other keyboards?

I hope this helps.

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in reply to: amaterasu-qbb

THanks but no luck. The weird thing is that the keys work just fine with everything else so I'm pretty sure it's not the keyboard.

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in reply to: amaterasu-qbb

Also, 2023 runs just fine.

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in reply to: tgoreart

Hi! @tgoreart .


Hmm. Maybe this is caused by the state of your Hotkey Editor. If a key is valid, it will be displayed in green. If it is not valid, it is grayed out like this.


What is the Hotkey Set selected in the Hotkey editor?
Maya hotkeys cannot be imported from MEL, they have to be exported from the hotkey editor and imported into the new Maya hotkey editor to be used. Sorry if you have already done this.


And one more thing. What version of Maya are you using, 2024.0.1?
I believe a checkbox during the initial installation asked if you want to load your custom preferences and use them. Did you check the checkbox?


In some cases, you may need to uninstall and reinstall Maya 2024. Right now you can install a new version of Maya, Maya 2024.1.0. You can upgrade to it if you like.


Here is a summary

  • Check the hotkey set of your Hotkey Editor and see if your key is displayed in green or not.
  • Close Maya, delete your old preferences and restart Maya.
  • You may need to uninstall and reinstall Maya 2024. or upgrade it.


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in reply to: tgoreart

Just confirming custom hotkeys are indeed broken in Maya 2024.2.

Also the hotkey system gets confused by switching to/from object and component mode: A shortcut/hotkey that works in object mode will not work in component and vice-versa.


Needless to say, Autodesk, I'm not happy about this...



Reverting to Maya 2023 until this mess gets sorted out.

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Finally, found someone has the exact same issue. It's just so annoying, and it was not even some of my custom hotkeys. Bunch of default Maya's hotkeys like Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V didn't work at all on 2024.2.

What happened? anyone at Autodesk keen to look into those?

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Tested the latest 2025, not working either. Can anyone here please help?

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