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Maya 2023 Flagged Script - Security Warning. Which should I choose? Allow, Deny, Remove. Then how to not show the window next time?

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Maya 2023 Flagged Script - Security Warning. Which should I choose? Allow, Deny, Remove. Then how to not show the window next time?

This window usually appears when I try to open Maya 2023 with data created in Maya 2019. I know that there was malware in the past Maya.

I have three questions.

  1. What should I select? >Allow, Deny, Remove?
  2. How do I Disable this window from opening the next time? Or is there any way to prevent it from appearing even when opening other .mb, .ma data?

  3. How do I set my security preference so it will not appear?

When I check "If Allow don't raise this dialog again" and select "Deny, Remove", the window appears repeatedly and never ends. I cannot even open the scene.

If I select Allow, the window appears twice and I can finally open the scene. Don't make me press Allow twice, it's too annoying. Is there any way to prevent this window from opening the next time? If not, I will go back to Maya 2019.

I have never had this problem. (Some of the pen tab settings are also problematic).

Here is what the window and Warning say,


Security PreferenceSecurity Preference

Windows 10 pro Version 21H1
Processor intel(R)Core(TM)i7ー7700CPU@
installed RAM 16.OGB
System type 64-bit operating system,x64-based
Pen and touch Pen support

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Did you ever find a solution for this problem? Exactly the same is happening to me, and don't know what to do. 

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for our case we did this

1. deny  it
2. export the file to a new file

if there's any reference file at this file, open the reference file and export them too
hope this help

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Hi! Everyone.
I think the best option to choose is Remove it. The main reason is that the scene contains commands that are no longer used.
In the past, Maya contained malware.
This is removed using the Maya Security Tool, which makes a difference.


However, I believe that if you do not want to work with uncertainty, it is better to choose to Remove Maya scenes created in the past.
If you remove and save the scene, it will never appear again. And Autodesk only supports four Autodesk Maya versions from the latest version, four years old Maya, and the latest Maya.
I want to say that there is no official chance to use Maya before Maya 2020 anymore, so doing Remove will be a good choice in the future and you will get good results.
(Sorry. This may be because I use the student version of Maya in Japan. Please check for yourself).



Of course, but that doesn't mean the other options are useless.


But the way to avoid this warning is


  1. Preferences>Security>Security: General Security Preferences: Security -> Off
  2. You will keep getting a window, but keep clicking Yes.
  3. This will disable all security features.
  4. Save your preferences.
After completing these steps, when you open the file that had the security warning, the warning will no longer appear.
This is my environment but with Windows 10 Pro in Japanese with the region set to USA and Maya 2023 in the Student version.


I am getting the following error message.


// Error: line 1: Cannot find procedure "CgAbBlastPanelOptChangeCallback".



Of course, it is possible to ignore this and continue working.


But I think this is a bad security situation. So the best way I can think of is to select Remove, save, and re-open the file.


I hope this helps.

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