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Maya Virus

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Maya Virus

Hi guys, I did an interview with a games studio the other day, they asked me to do a test and sent me a MA file with character rig etc in it. I'm now getting a weird message every time I save. The message says this "# warning: 你的文件贼健康~我就说一声没有别的意思 #"


After googling it I came accross a chinese website that I used google translator on which you can find here:


The website has the author of the virus apologyzing to the industry. He's says it's not malicious, but who knows. Well it's gone viral now. Now when I save a new maya scene, it infects that scene, and whoever opens that scene will have their maya infected, thus starting a chain reaction. I think it's quite viral now from the looks of things on a google search.


The author of the virus explains how to get rid of it, but it's not working for me. My only solution now is to format my C drive and start fresh. I will use the Autodesk Security Tool from now on to check any external files. 


I just thought I would share. Another virus to worry about.



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Download the Maya security tool here:



Brent McPherson
Principle Engineer
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in reply to: brentmc

Well actually that tool is just to fix files, and not maya itself. I think Autodesk will need a proper fix for this. 

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From the Maya security Tool FAQ on the Security Tool page.

How is this going to be addressed in the future?

  • We are exploring options for a more integrated solution. 



Brent McPherson
Principle Engineer
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in reply to: gimble

This virus has infected probably 50 scenes on my machine. I am having to rename my prefs every day. This is ridiculous. The scan tool is terrible. It just tells me I have a Maya virus and doesn't remove it, just asks me to save and quit, over and over everyday. I am actually working for you guys at the moment (AD) on one of your projects and this is killing my workflow. 

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Is it that Vaccine virus? I just caught it here from someone who I was helping with problems in scenes.

1. Deleted the Chinese help files from Ad/Maya/resources/ directory;

2. Deleted everything from Docs/Maya/Scripts/ directory, created my own userSetup.mel and made it read-only;

3. Went through the latest MA files with text editor and searched for scripts that contain 'vaccine' and/or '_gene';

4. Opened files with ExecuteScriptNodes disabled.

Since then it popped up just once in the OutputWindow dropping a error, that is unable to locate vaccine. Chill for now.

This thread calmed down my paranoia.


Maya2019.1 @ Windows10 & GeForce GTX1080Ti

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Thank you very much for that. This is some kind of bad joke though. I have made a start on going through 50 odd 3gb ma files but as soon as I delete it's back again, even with removing it from as many places as I can think of. I've basically spent 3 days trying to sort this out and about 50 maya crashes after the maya scan. scan/crash /scan exit and save...on and on...So through no fault of users we are running round trying to fix this. I've also got 2 drives and those files infected too. Autodesk (my friend) can we not just get a bit of software that scans our entire drives and boom, fixes it ? Done, no more messing ?

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Any movement on this Autodesk? I have the EXACT same problem. I find it a little sad that all of the posts I've found on this have Autodesk staff saying, "download the scanner tool"... it doesn't seem to do anything 😞

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in reply to: GetSetBrent

I downloaded an anti-virus software called ESET (30 day free trial). This will find and isolate all your infected files. Then use autodesks scanner tool on every scene you open from then on. Don't open infected files or you'll keep getting the error. That's what I had to do. But apparently they fixed it in new versions of Maya. Problem is I have to work in Maya 2019. Good luck! 

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in reply to: gimble

I'm using Maya 2020... so much for the theory this has been fixed in more
recent versions. I'll need to get the latest Maya and see. " Don't open
infected files or you'll keep getting the error." If only it was so easy to
know which files are effected lol
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in reply to: gimble

Hi everyone,


For those who still have their hard drives or server fully infected by this virus, I just released a tool for Windows on Gumroad to batch process all the infected files in one-click, so I invite you to check it out here :



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in reply to: brentmc

I did run the tool but it doesn´t fix anything

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in reply to: amaia.iraola


Can you tell me more about it, because you're the first one who tell me that it doesn't work, so it must be for some reason. What is your system OS, Maya version, ... ?

Did you get any error message? Can you scan again and take a screenshot of the console window after the scan?



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Running the Maya Security Tools doesn't actually solve the problem. It only prevents you from opening any infected files, which actually makes it worse. It doesn't get rid of the warning ( # Warning: 你的文件贼健康~我就说一声没有别的意思 ) at all.


Every time I look for a solution for this at Autodesk, someone from Autodesk repeats the same line -- Make sure you have the Maya security tool installed. Doesn't work, and neither do any of the proposed solutions I've found on Google.


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in reply to: bhopperS5CAH

I had to format my hard drive to get rid of it completely. Not ideal I
know, but it was the only way to be 100% sure. Couldn't risk infecting
client files
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in reply to: gimble

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You're actually trying to profit off this virus rather than making it free? Autodesk will release a fix shortly so why not make it free?

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Surely if one of your Maya files has the code embedded into the .ma code it will get re infected wont it?

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Also has anybody had an issue where saving a .ma file opens wrong and broken due to multiple syntax errors? is this because of the Vaccine virus?

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