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Maya 2022.3 Crashing On Second Render

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Maya 2022.3 Crashing On Second Render

Hi guys,


I'm a student new to Maya and I'm having a strange issue occur. I am able to Arnold render an image of my model and everything works fine (except it always leaves the last rendering square somewhere on the image, but that's another issue), but when I try to re-render, Maya crashes every single time, without fail. No error message pops up, and no report that I'm aware of is sent to Autodesk.


Any ideas as to what's going on, or suggestions on how to fix the problem would be most appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


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I have similar issue but it does not get to the 2nd frame always.





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  1. Same for me : when I use the render sequence with Arnold in GPU mode, it crash at the end of the first frame. I don't know if it is the same in CPU mode
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in reply to: thebizon

same issue here after this new update 2022.3 

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in reply to: thebizon

Have you tried resetting Maya preferences?


After I updated, just opening the Arnold RenderView would freeze Maya and ultimately crash. After resetting my preferences everything seems to be working again so far. Slightly different than what you're describing, but might be worth trying.

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Same problem here with Render Sequence in Maya 2022.3 and Arnold. It renders the first frame of the sequence and then Maya crashes (basically the window disappears, no Maya crash window). It happens after resetting preferences, it happens on different machines, and it happens with GPU and CPU render.

Any help would be appreciated. It would be nice to hear from someone from Autodesk about this issue.

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I think this problem is going on both the update ( 2022.2 & 2022.3 ) version, I also had the same problem with my scene keeps crashing on 2nd frame of any scene, so I down grade from vr3 to vr2. but the problem was still there. So I again downgrade Maya to 2022.1vr, and this fixed the problem.

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This works!

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in reply to: thebizon

Hey.  I am having the same problem.  I am researching how to handle it, but as far as that square goes check out this post:


Seth Meshko
3D Artist
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in reply to: thebizon

Okay, so I seem to have found a solution (perhaps, you never really know with Autodesk, so many bugs).  But, first thing is to restart your computer and with nothing open at all, update Arnold.  If you haven't restarted after running Maya the install will fail because there are apparently artifacts still being accessed by your system (a good sign of sloppy programming on Autodesk's part BTW).  Now open Maya and Arnold should be updated.  Go to your Render Settings and under Diagnostics tab crank your max warnings up to max and turn off Abort On Error checkbox.  And just for good measure enable your log, back at the top of this tab, set Verbosity Level to Debug, Click the File Checkbox on and then point the filename somewhere you can find it.  Ridiculously, you have to manually make a default log file for Maya to look up, you do that by creating a txt doc in the folder you want your log to go and name it whatever you like, but change the file type to .log (seriously Autodesk if you read these posts how about you save us a step once in a while eh?).

Anyway, I got renders out after doing the update, but the rest of that is to see what may be causing your problems in the future.  Is it too much to ask that the software just work without all this tinkering?  Yes, I suppose it is.  I wonder if Blender users have to deal with this BS.  I'll let you know when I make the switch.🤔


Seth Meshko
3D Artist
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Nice work around.
If you encounter this issue again, or need a quicker/easier fix, give Maya 2022.1 a test.
pankaj.chauhan399 posted above saying it fixed the problem for him, so I tested it last week and it worked for me too. I'd recommend un-installing any 2022 version you have, and then use the custom install method to get v2022.1.

I just finished an 1800 frame render through the GPU, ran over night with no interruptions 🙂

P.S about Blender... whilst it continues to greatly improve with each update, you will find a plethora of things that Maya simply does a better job at.. and likewise you'll find stuff that Blender does better. In my opinion, I don't think it's worth making the hard transition from one app to the other. I tend to swap between the two, using Blender for super quick (yet simple) renders and some amazing node based material work. Where I use Maya/Arnold for animation, rigging, and high quality (realistic) renders. 
So, until the day comes where we have a 3D app that perfectly covers all aspects (highly unlikely), you're just better off biting the bullet and figuring out what pipelines work best for you, in each app. 

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Heyy. Can you tell me how exactly I can install Version 2022.1 ? I need a detailed description since I just can't find it..

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1. On the Autodesk site, click on your profile icon in the top right. Then hit products & services.








2. On the panel along the left, click Custom Install.

3. You will want to hit Create New. Then select Maya, and select Specifc Version. You will want Maya 2022.1 and then continue with the steps to download. Hope this helps!

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omg thank you soooo much!! *-*

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in reply to: thebizon

I've also been having this problem. Most of the time it doesn't even render one frame and shuts down without warning. Also the last bucket looks like it's stuck in the render view and won't disappear


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@fraser.cameronBN4YX   Thanks for the rundown on Blender!  Yeah, I figured its not a panacea.  I really just like to mention it in all of my posts to try to light a fire under Autodesk's butts.  But of course for that to have any chance of having an effect, Autodesk would first need to care what their clients think about their experience, then exercise the sort of due diligence it would require to take stock of the issues in their software and then finally they would need the gumption to act...  So, no chance at all.
But, while Autodesk is stalling out and continuing to infuse their software with bugs they never fix, Blender is actually created by the users and by design shouldn't have any of those lasting problems as it gains usership and features.  I would feel pretty threatened if I were Autodesk.

Anyway, thanks!

Seth Meshko
3D Artist
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in reply to: thebizon

I'm having a similar issue while trying to render from our render farm using Redshift. I can get it to render a frame and then it just hangs out and doesn't move to the next frame. I'm using Smedge for render distribution. I can make it render in packets so that it's not opening a new scene for each frame. It'll render however many frames I have it set for in the packet size and then hang up and not move on. Downgrading to 2022.2 fixes the problem.

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in reply to: vwhittle


What I did to fix this issue, just went back to 2022............Noooooo.1.2.3  uninstall then reinstall with out updating for now crashing so far. 



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in reply to: lui3d

I've been having trouble with crashing too. I'm going to try this out and share with some of my students, as well as another instructor's students as well. I'm a bit upset that there is nobody from Autodesk monitoring this forum thread, and providing us with some answers to our issues. Please, Autodesk. We need to hear from you guys.

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in reply to: ctedin3

If you just "go back to Maya 2022", you are probably going back a different, older version of MtoA.
My suggestion would be to get the very latest MtoA. And then if you still crash, get a detailed Arnold log.


I've attached an exampe Arnold log, so you know what it should look like.
If you can't get a log from Render Sequence, do a batch render.






// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support

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