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fastest automatic unwrap tool so far

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fastest automatic unwrap tool so far

I have alot of low poly vegetation and rocks assets (around 500), I can do the unwrap in Maya but this will take alot of time. Do you guys know about another tool that will do the job with minimal distortion and fewer UV islands?
Here is a tool I found:

I also heard that adobe paint 3D has an automatic unwrap tool that does everything in one click:

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Check Unwrella and Rizom.

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Those two spftwares seem to be designed mainly for assets that will have their unique texture with the goal of painting on them, what I need is a clean UV layout that would work nicely with tiling.

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Give me an example what you need exactly.

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Yes, here you goplants.jpg

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And how should the UVs look like?

Cause i would unwrap those assets with the tools i mentioned above.


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