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Marking Menu stuck

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Marking Menu stuck

I keep having issues with the marking menu getting stuck. Everytime I left-click to perform an action such as moving an object, rotating, deselecting, or just about anything, ... the marking menu pops up instead. I have to restart or click onto my desktop to try and fix it. I have no idea whats happening or why. I do not have anything special in terms of hotkeys etc, it just does it randomly. It is incredibly frustrating when I am trying to get work done. Does anyone have and idea if this is a known bug? 


I'm on OSX, Maya 2016.

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in reply to: toxiccheese

Same issue here.  Maya 2016 SP 3; OS X 10.10.3


Also reported, but as of yet unsolved here:

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in reply to: toxiccheese

Yes, it's an ongoing problem.


Try hitting the W key.    That seems to work for me.  If not, try E, THEN R.. One

of them should reset the pointer tool.


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in reply to: glennsuhy

Dude, I dont often reply or give Kudos, but you just SAVED MY LIFE!


Thank you

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in reply to: toxiccheese

No prob. And always remember if you're light linking CLOSE the hyperahade window. If it's open, light linking will not work (Mac and pc suffer from it). That's been a long time bug of 2016 but hopefully fixed in one of the service packs or possibly 2017.
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in reply to: glennsuhy

@glennsuhy Not that this failure on the part of Autodesk's UI team is acceptable in any way, but thank you so much for that quick fix!

Seth Meshko
3D Artist
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in reply to: toxiccheese

This is still happening in Maya 2022.3


How is this still a thing after this many years? Having to hit the W, E, or R keys again is NOT a solution. It's a bandaid, at best .


C'mon guys...

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For the record, I am STILL dealing with this too.  This issue has been going on for.. what 6 years now, at least?



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Do you have a reliable way to reproduce the issue or is it random?



Brent McPherson
Principle Engineer
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in reply to: brentmc

No, it seems to be random.. usually when the ram is being eaten up.

It amazes me that this issue is still ongoing! WOW
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in reply to: toxiccheese

We were able to reproduce this issue if Maya lost focus (so you went to another program) and then regained it (made Maya active).

Is this what you may have been doing?

We've logged this as MAYA-121644.

Catherine McGinnis
Maya Quality Assurance
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I have experienced this when doing a lot of work involving the marking menu.  So, if you want to reproduce it, model something in polys for a few hours using the marking menu as your primary tool, right clicking over components, using ctrl and shift modifiers.

Seth Meshko
3D Artist

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