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How to save displayed objects so it can be quickly loaded later?

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How to save displayed objects so it can be quickly loaded later?

I have a modular maya file with 100's of modular character parts, when I make a character by turning on some of the modular parts, I'd like to be able to name it and quickly go back to just viewing that character, turning off all other objects in the outliner, etc.

It doesn't seem like this is possible, the closest thing I found is grouping all of the objects in the viewport and giving it a name, unfortunately this won't work because the modular components may be reused by another group. I really don't want to start duplicating objects (even if they are instances) for this as it gets too hard to control the thousands of extra objects that would be created.

Anyone know of any other ideas?
Possible ways I'm planning to look into:
1) Maybe there is some way to use animations to only show one character at a time (bad solution but trying to get creative).
2) Maybe there is some way to make isolation group bookmarks work for this (they haven't worked for me so far)

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Sets were the answer

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