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How to export a file to 3d view in preview

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How to export a file to 3d view in preview


How can I export a maya scene with textures  so that I can view the objekt in ,for example mac preview, where I then can manipulate the view of the objekt. I tried it with the export to . dae_fbx funktion but it would not export with textures.


Any ideas?


Thanks a lot



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If you export as OBJ you can view it with Preview on the Mac. But not with textures. If you want to view textures on 3D files you use FBX Review on the AD app store.


Screen Shot 2023-02-14 at 10.43.42 AM.jpg

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Ok thanks. Is there any autodesk software that can export dae files with textures?
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I have had success with FBX and OBJ with FBX Review but it is important to use Lambert textures and 'embed media' when exporting from Maya. When I need to show 3D models to a wider range of (not tech) clients, I use Sketchfab which works great. Only caveat is that free accounts are public. It will definitely show dae files but you have to reconnect the textures. I just did a test with an DAE export from Maya, imported into Sketchfab and connected the texture and it worked fine. 

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Hi thanks a lot for your help. Yes I have tried Sketchfab and it works creat. The only problem wich I have is that if I export a dae file from sketchfab and open the .dae file it looks kind of dull and not nearly as nice as if you view it directly in Sketchfab. Any ideas how to fix this?
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If you go to Properties/materials in Sketchfab there is extensive control for Specular/Metal/Gloss/Sheen/etc. 

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