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how to convert instancer to polygon or object

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how to convert instancer to polygon or object

I tried using options from modify. Its not working. need help

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in reply to: neerajhmahajan

The command you used converts instance objects (objects duplicated as instances with the duplicate special command) into geometry, not the particle instancer.

I don't know if Maya has some tool available for baking particle instancer into geo, I see many people are using a script, like this:



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in reply to: neerajhmahajan


You can't convert Particle Instances to Polygons.

But MASH can do this (Bake Instancer to objects)  and you can connect nparticles to MASH:

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in reply to: mspeer


I might need to add here that this MASH tool of course also works with the Particle Instancer node (it's the same Instancer node as used for MASH).

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in reply to: mspeer

Hello can you explain how the Mash  instancer to geo works. I have a scene or rather you can read my post from the link below. it looks like its working but nothing shows up in outliner during processing and I believe while waiting it crashed so I don't know how far it got. but considering the lack of information, would be hard to tell if its working or how it works. Thank you!

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in reply to: iekomedia

I didn't understand how to use MASH to "import" the nParticle instances, and convert them to geometry either, but I did find another MEL script on Highend3d which still worked with Maya 2018.

(To those that don't know how to get this to work, simply open this script in Notepad, copy it, and paste it into the MEL script editor (after first clearing the editor's display completely). Then select the script in the editor, and select "Save Script to Shelf" in the editor File menu. Select your particle node, and the shelf, and I found there was no need to check anything to do a basic instance to geometry conversion. It takes a while though if you have tens of thousands of instances.

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in reply to: pixelwash

I used it in maya 2022and still works! still takes a while but works perfectly :


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in reply to: neerajhmahajan

Hey everyone, 


Any way to do this with Maya '24? the High End 3D link is broken, and the InstancetoGeo python script gives me this error:


# Error: Missing parentheses in call to ‘print’. Did you mean print(…)?


I thought I found a slick way to simulate rice filling up a container, but now I'm at a roadblock :/. 



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