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How to change default OpenSubdiv> UV Boundary Smoothing?

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How to change default OpenSubdiv> UV Boundary Smoothing?

Is there a way to change the default OpenSubdiv> UV Boundary Smoothing from Maya Catmull-Clark to Preserve Edges and Corners. In 5 years I've never used anything except Preserve Edges and Corners, and I'm just getting tired having to change it for every piece of geometry, thank you. 

Screenshot (12)_LI.jpg

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I think you might be out of luck. I don't even think you can adjust the mel script for the create commands to do this.


Your best bet is just to make a toolbar button to set all objects in your scene to use the uvSubdiv method you want.


Attached is a super quick (and kinda dumb) way of doing so in python (i have not tested it in python 3... should still work).


Sorry I couldn't give you a better answer, good luck.


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in reply to: kenne150

Thank You. I don't know anything about python. Where in Maya do I input the code you gave?

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in reply to: kenne150

Attached is a vid demonstrating how to add a python button to Maya (specifically 2018, but should work in newer versions).


Let me know how it goes!

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in reply to: daunish

Well isn't that handy, lol. That's great. I'm saving your video. I know I'll have to reset prefs at some point, lol. I guess I should have continued to double major in web programming, lol. I coded for a couple years, but had too much work and dropped it. Just stayed with animation. 🙂 Thank you. I really appreciate it. That's a lot easier. I spent some time awhile back changing over 2000 pieces of geometry to Preserve edges... 😕 

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