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HELP with UV mapping! Only checker map showing on model instead of UV snapshot

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HELP with UV mapping! Only checker map showing on model instead of UV snapshot

I exported the UV snapshot as PNG and I've painted some stuff over etc. I saved this file as PNG again but when I look in the viewport at the model it's just displaying the checker map... If I go into the UV editor and go into Image submenu, the only option there is "Display     6" with no box beside it to edit settings, nothing. This is so confusing and I spent a lot of time on this and got frustrated trying to find out why it's not showing. I also restarted Maya but still shows up the same. The UV map seems fine and I've done this before and it's never happened. I'm very new to Maya so I'm probably omitting something... Thanks in advance for anyone who can help.

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It's hard to say what step you are missing here. But I'm going to make a guess. 

When you save your png from photoshop, how are you bringing it into Maya?

In your hypershader are you using a file node and plugging it into your shaders diffuse slot?


Check my attached image:

A - Do you have this box marked, this forces a checker pattern as an override on your uv grid

B - Do you have this box unmarked. This wont display the image in your uv grid


Is this problem only in your uv editor view or can you also not see the texture in the viewport? Let me know

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Hello, and yes this is exactly what I needed, thanks for pointing this out because I was really lost. 

Last time I 3d modelled something the material with the textures just sort of was there on the model. I didn't know it wasn't assigned automatically. I assigned a lambert to the model then made the lambert material have the texture and it worked!


Thanks for the help!

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