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Help restoring corrupted Maya file

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Help restoring corrupted Maya file

 Hello there, despite my addiction to creating as many redundant saves as possible this habit eluded me for this one character study I was retopoing in Maya 2016 SP6. Whenever I try to open the file I get something along the lines of "Error in Line 0", or something like that. I opened the 150 meg file in Notepad and saw that it appeared that only the first few lines of code were corrupted with most everything else looking perfectly fine.


 I am trying to upload the file to my google drive but my rural internet is slow as ballz so it might take a while but would anyone with experience be willing to help me by taking a crack at fixing it?



Thanks so much!


 P.S. A heads up is that the file contains (non-sexual) nudity so I will only share the link in a private message (if that is allowed) and the mesh I am retopoing is a GPU cache, does it need to be included as well?


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